Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome Dear Friends !

"How to become rich quickly?" was my favorite question long time ago. But at that time I did not have proper answer for this question. But now I have some answers for this question. I do not mean that I do have proper answer for "How to become rick quickly?" question. Still this is my favorite question. I am 100% sure that this is the favorite question for most of the people in the world. They are doing lot of things to find answer for this question as I do. Some are success and some are fail. Some are following legal methods, some are following illegal methods. Some are doing right things and some are doing wrong things. But what I understood is that, there are millions of answers for this question. It entirely depends on how you look at this problem, your social values, hobbies, family life, weakness...etc. To become rich you should do work hard. But it does not mean that you need to work 18 hours or more per day and only sleep 1 hours. That method does not work for me. I need to work only 8 hours per day, sleep at least 4 hours and spend rest of the time of the day to enjoy my life. This is what the difficult part. You want more time to enjoy your life as well as need time to earn money. Can we archive both these targets? Yes, I am doing this right now. But I am not the most riches man in the world. Also I am not the most happiest man in the world. But I am entirely happy about what I have right now and further investigating, how increase my assets while enjoying my life.

I did try lot of methods available to me. Some had interesting results but some were entirely fail. Lot of people cheated me, also some good friends helped me. Now I am in very stable position. So this blog site is for discuss about the method I followed to become rich. I tried on-line as well as off-line methods. But I was more success in on-line methods. I do love to be on-line most of the time and hang on the Internet. So I tried to earn money using the Internet. This is kind of quick method. So I became rich quickly, I have my own car, I have my own house, I have good marriage...etc. I also kept in mind that I want to become rich but I don't like to sacrifice my life. If you also same as me, want to become rich but need to enjoy your life a lot, this blog site will give you lot of hints.

Let's try to become rich quickly. Will share our experience and brush up our talents. Please read my articles and give your feedback, whether you also archived same success as me? Do you face any difficulties?